Public Private Dialogue in the Making of the Enterprise Law and Investment Law, Vietnam, GTZ, 2006

    GTZ's efforts to improve the business environment in Vietnam centred on supporting the drafting and ratification of the Enterprise Law and the Investment Law. After the laws were ratified in November 2005, GTZ has shifted its focus on the drafting of implementation guidelines and on supporting the implementation of the laws, particularly at sub-national or provincial level. In teh Enterprise Law and Investment Law, Vietnam merged different laws which used to govern enterprises (classified by types of ownership) into laws which treat all enterprise equal (regardless of their ownership). GTZ worked with key national institutions involved in drafting the laws and subordinate regulations which guide the implementation of the laws - the Central Institute of Economic Management (CIEM), the Prime Minister Research Commission (PMRC), and the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI).

    The overall aim is to improve the quality of the laws and develop tools and guidelines to ensure that they are effectively implemented.

    Public-private dialogue is an important tool used by GTZ to improve the quality of the laws and to support their effective and efficient implementation. Interventions to improve PPD include:
    - Direct support to the organization of policy dialogue meetings between government agencies, the drafting committee of the EL, and the private sector
    - Technical advice on how to implement policy dialogues
    - Assistance to apply Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA)
    - A technique called business impact test panels (BIT)
    - Emphasis on the participation of the press and media
    - A study and strategy development to improve the role of business associations in legal consultation and policy dialogue, in cooperation with the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI)
    - Support to VCCI to set up a strategic alliance with local business associations in order to have a stronger voice in policy dialogue with the Government
    - Development of a manual on policy dialogue

    On the right hand side are three documents:
    - A summary of GTZ's Public Private Dialogue efforts in Vietnam
    - A presentation on GTZ's Public Private Dialogue efforts in Vietnam
    - A paper, "Consultation of the Domestic Business Community in the Development of Vietnam's Legal Framework for Enterprise," which discusses the the government's consultation process and makes recommendations on how to improve it.

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