Project Design

The Investment Climate Facility for Africa, 2006

    The ICF is a new private-public partnership, focused on improving the continent's investment climate. The mission is to make Africa an even better place to do business, by removing obstacles to domestic and foreign investment and by promoting Africa as an attractive investment destination.

    The ICF is an independent trust with strong African representation on the Board of Trustees. It provides a mechanism through which the private sector, the G8 countries, other donors and African governments and institutions can support Africa's vision for sustainable growth and development.

    The donors listed above are just a few of the many donors, private corporations and others that support the ICF.

    The ICF will work in eight priority areas:
    - property rights and contract enforcement
    - business registration and licensing
    - taxation and customs
    - financial markets
    - infrastructure facilitation
    - labour markets
    - competition
    - corruption and crime.
    In addition, it will support the recommendations that arise from the Africa Peer Review Mechanism process in relation to the investment climate.

    Activities funded under the ICF are likely to include: research and analysis; legislative review and reform; capacity building of institutions such as land registries, company registries and commercial courts; pilot projects (such as streamlined business registration systems); and facilitation of better public private dialogue.

    The document to the right provides a brief summary of the ICF. More information is available on the website.