Improvement of licensing procedures in the cities of Bacolod and Ormoc, Philippines, GTZ 2006

    From the links on the right hand side, you can download many recent documents published by the Small and Medium Enterprise Development for Sustainable Employment Program (SMEDSEP) in the Philippines.

    First is a two-page good practice documentation on "How to Simplify Business Registration at the Local Level". This paper summarizes the experiences made by SMEDSEP in two pilot cities, Ormoc and Bacolod. It presents the problem, solution, four-stage approach, outcome, context, success factors and adaptation requirements for replication.

    This good practice documentation is a summary of the Report on "Follow-up Activities on the Improvement and Documentation of Business Licensing Procedures in the Cities of Bacolod and Ormoc". The report describes SMEDSEP's activities in the field of streamlining business registration procedures in two pilot cities, Ormoc and Bacolod. After having conducted a first Time and Motion Study in January 2005, an action plan was developed and implemented in the course of the year 2005.

    Having gone through the stages of diagnosis, planning and implementation, this report now provides an evaluation of the reforms so far, as well as recommendations for further improvements. It shows that in 1.5 years, the number of steps, time needed and requirements for registration have been significantly reduced and customer satisfaction has improved in both cities.

    The report includes a 16-page summary and the following annexes:

    Annex 1: Bacolod City Action Plan
    Annex 2: Ormoc City Action Plan
    Annex 3: Ormoc Business Forum & Customer Training Program
    Annex 4: Time and Motion Instrument
    Annex 5: Customer Satisfaction Survey
    Annex 6: Bacolod City's Business Licensing Procedures
    Annex 7: Ormoc City's Business Licensing Procedures
    Annex 8: LGU Quality Service Improvement Tool
    Annex 9: Toward Financial Stability: The Quezon City Experience

    More recently, a Program Brief, various Information Briefs, and a Good Practices Guide on Streamlining Business Registration in Local Government Units (LGUs) have been posted to the right, too.

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