Strengthening the Business Environment and BDS in Indonesia, AsDB/ GFA/ SC, 2003

    The starting point for ADB's Technical Assistance (TA) on Strengthening BDS was, as its name indicated, BDS. In practice, the scope of assigned project objectives and tasks is much wider; focusing on making specific elements of the business environment more conducive for SME, including BDS and financial services. The TA's progress achievement in working with various Technical Teams on national and local levels has exhibited strong demarcation. Most discernible progress has been in areas that relate most closely to government's core functions, areas where specific agencies have the clearest direct authority, influence and interests, such as improving one-stop services and introducing regulatory impact assessment practices. Similarly, progress at the local level appears to have benn generally more tangible than at the national level. The Mid-Term Report on the right hand side gives more detail.

    Associated Activities and Documents
    B.E. Assessment
    »Policy Paper #9 - Turning BDS into Business, Asian Dev Bank, 2001