Cities Competitiveness Ranking, GTZ Philippines, 2004

    The goal of the SMEDSEP project is that state and private institutions shape the investment climate of the Philippines, particularly in the Visayas, in a way that enables the development and use of entrepreneurial potential and stimulates competition. The Asian Institute of Management with support from SMEDSEP (GTZ) and the Philippine government conducted a Cities Competitiveness Ranking Project in 2003. The paper on the right hand side describes the survey and validation of selected indicators. In particular, the paper is a compilation of main points which emerged during focus group discussions with stakeholders in 8 cities in the Vistayas. The paper focuses on recommendations for improvements in the local governance and regulations in each location that emerged during the FGDs and the response of the local government unit in each location to the recommendations. The focus group discussions with stakeholders in the private sector and government were used as a mechanism to encourage improvements in the local business environment in each location.

    Associated Activities and Documents
    B.E. Assessment
    »Policy Review and Tools, GTZ SMEDSEP Philippines, 2004-
    »Business Licensing Procedures in Bocolod and Ormoc, Philippines, GTZ SMEDSEP, 2005
    Project Design
    »GTZ Philippines SME Development for Sustainable Employment Program Design, 2004