Final Documentation

Business Registration Reform in Viet Nam: A situation analysis of the reform and of UNIDO support (UNIDO, 2011)

    With funding from Norway, Switzerland, UNIDO’s own resources and the One UN Fund, a UNIDO initiative has supported business registration reform in Viet Nam within the context of the country’s initiatives for wider administrative reforms. Building on prior policy advice, UNIDO assistance covers a comprehensive support package to assist Viet Nam in making the registration of businesses less cumbersome, less costly and thus more efficient. The initiative addresses obstacles faced by entrepreneurs in completing business, tax, statistics and seal registration requirements. It includes assistance to policy makers in the implementation of the Enterprise Law (2005) and in the preparation of subsequent policy decisions and legislation to simplify and standardize registration procedures and steps.

    Summary of results
    To date one consolidated application form is used for business, tax, statistics and seal registration and a registered enterprise has a national unique ID that is the same as the tax code for that enterprise. Single-point registration services are performed across the country by 65 Business Registration Offices (BROs) spread over 63 Provinces and a computerized national business registration system (NBRS) ensures that the same level of service is delivered to enterprises, regardless of business location. As a result of inter-ministerial cooperation in designing and implementing the system - involving in particular the Ministry of Planning and Investment, the Ministry of Finance (General Department of Taxation), the Ministry of Public Security and the General Statistics Office - NBRS is operational in all 63 provinces of Viet Nam since December 31, 2010.