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Approaches to support the development of an enabling environment for small enterprises in Vietnam, Mallon/GTZ, 2002

    The Committee of Donor Agencies for Small Enterprise (the Committee) was established in 1979 to: exchange information, share experience and lessons learnt, coordinate efforts, and establish common best practice guidelines. The initial focus was on micro-finance and business development services. In 2000, the Committee established a working group on the enabling environment for small and medium enterprises (SME). Two years later, the working group agreed on surveys of five country with respect to donor experiences.

    This Viet Nam country report was prepared by a GTZ consultant, funded under a GTZ Headquarters research and development project, with substantive assistance from a GTZ project supporting SME development in Viet Nam. Business, government and donor agencies assisted by responding to surveys, through interviews and workshop comments, and by providing evaluation reports.

    This review is also timely for Vietnamese institutions and donors because of the recent enactment of the SME decree, and the decision to establish a new SME Department (SMED) in MPI. These developments have led to increasing donor interest in supporting SME and the private sector development. The study also aims to provide information that may be useful to donor planning new assistance, and also lay the foundations for increasing information sharing and coordination of donor support to the enabling environment.

    Associated Activities and Documents
    Synthesis documents
    »Donor experiences in supporting reforms in the business environment, White and Chacaltana/Donor Committee, 2002