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GTZ Vietnam, Strategy for an Enabling Environment for SMEs, 2004

    This presentation was given by Le Duy Binh at the November 2002 SEPneT workshop in Haikou, China. The subject of the presentation is the GTZ Vietnam strategy for creating an enabling environment for SMEs. It begins with a review of important milestones in private sector development in Vietnam since 1986. Next, it states the GTZ Vietnam overall objective, namely an improvement in the competitiveness of private SMEs. The presentation goes on to outline the five pillars in the GTZ Vietnam strategy for an enabling business environment: 1.) direct policy advice, 2.) strengthening of business law-making capacity, 3.) strengthening of public consultation, 4.) support of business laws/SME program, and 5.) a focus on the provincial business environment. GTZ Vietnam is creating a strong partner network and has had success in improving the enabling environment for BDS in Vietnam. It hopes to further improve the enabling environment for SMEs through new initiatives including RIA (with the Prime Minister's Research Commission), Assessment of Enterprise Law (with policy think tank, CIEM), and the Internet Based Forum for Policy Consultation (with the Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce).

    Associated Activities and Documents
    B.E. Assessment
    »Assessing the Quality of Viet Nam's Business Laws and Regulations, GTZ, UNDP, 2004-6
    Project Design
    »Consultation of the Domestic Business Community in the Development of Vietnam's Legal Framework for Enterprise, Taussig and Binh, 2006
    »Public Private Dialogue in the Making of the Enterprise Law and Investment Law, Vietnam, GTZ, 2006