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Cairo Conference Session 3.1: Red Tape and Small Business - What Kind of Laws and Regulations Work - and Don't Work (2005)

    The Papers and powerpoint presentations on the right hand side come from Session 3.1 on 30th November 2005 in Cairo, "Red Tape and Small Business: What Kind of Laws and Regulations Work - and Don't Work". This Session addressed two of the most critical aspects of business environment reform: laws and regulations. This is the point where business comes face-to-face with government bureaucracy and, in some cases, with corruption and a legal void where businesspeople are unaware of their legal rights or obligations.

    a) Regulatory Impact Assessment in OECD Countries: Challenges for Developing Countries, by Delia Rodrigo
    Delia Rodrigo Enriquez, from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development in Paris, described the lessons that developing countries can learn from the experience of regulatory impact assessment in OECD countries. The challenges for developing countries were highlighted. Delia's Paper shows how governments can assess the impact their regulations have on the business sector, including the potential impact of draft policies, laws and regulations.

    b) Enforcing Contracts, by Richard Messick
    Richard Messick, from the World Bank in Washington DC, described the latest development in contract law enforcement, and alternative ways for small businesses to resolve commercial disputes. He described how a healthy environment for enforcing contract must contain a mix of both public and private institutions. Richard also described the importance of courts, while stressing the need for arbitration, mediation, conciliation, and other alternatives. Governments should ensure their laws do not restrict citizens' freedoms to use these alternatives, which can often be cheaper and faster than the courts.

    c) Land Issues from a Private Sector Perspective, by Xiaofang Shen
    Xiaofang Shen, Senior Officer for China, FIAS - World Bank Group, based in Washington DC spoke about the laws and regulations governing land markets and private investment.

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